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Master of Optometry and Ophthalmic Technology


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The scope of Optometry includes the detection of common eye diseases, the management of binocular vision problems such as squints and lazy eyes and the prescription of spectacles and contact lenses. The Masters degree in Optometry is a programme that aims to produce professionally competent optometrists serving as primary eye care health practitioners. NIMS University is one for the few premium institutions in India that offers a Masters degree in Optometry and Ophthalmic.
Program Code best BOOT MOOT
Duration Min. Duration 2 Years
Max. Duration 4 Years
Eligibility Criteria BOOT/BPT/BOT

Applicable January 2014 onwards (for earlier batches please refer to the Syllabus Tab)


Course Code Course Title Theory/Practical Continuous Assessment (Internals) Credits
OPH16108 Applied and Clinical Optometry 70 30 4
OPH16109 Ophthalmic Neuroscience and Visual Perception 70 30 4
OPH16110 Vision Ageing and Low Vision Aids 70 30 4
OPH16111 Nanotechnology in Ophthalmology 70 30 4
OPH16112 Orthoptics and Pleoptics 70 30 3
OPH16113 Recent Advancement in Optometry and Management of OT 70 30 3
OPH16114 Physical, Visual and Geometric Optics 70 30 2
OPH16108P Applied and Clinical Optometry (P) 35 15 2
OPH16110P Vision Ageing and Low Vision Aids (P) 35 15 2
OPH16112P Orthoptics and Pleoptics (P) 35 15 2
OPH16114P Physical, Visual and Geometric Optics (P) 35 15 2
Total 900 32


Course Code Course Title Theory/Practical Continuous Assessment (Internals) Credits
OPH16208 Occupational Optometry and Community Ophthalmology 70 30 5
OPH16209 Contact Lens 70 30 4
OPH16210 Ocular Diseases and Ocular Pharmacology 70 30 4
OPH16211 Refractive Surgeries and Eye Banking 70 30 4
OPH16212 Ophthalmic, Optometric and Optical Instruments 70 30 5
MIN16201 Medical Informatics 70 30 4
OPH16209P Contact Lens (P) 35 15 2
OPH16212P Ophthalmic, Optometric and Optical Instruments (P) 35 15 2
DSR16201 Dissertation 100 2
Total 800 32

After the completion of BOOT, you will find a challenging career opportunities with Optician shops, eye doctors, and Contact Lens companies, Ophthalmic lens industry and hospital eye departments. A technician can work for eye testing, Contact lenses, squint exercises, etc. You can start your own eye clinic, Optical shop, lens manufacturing unit. You can also get job opportunities with Optician shops and hospitals in India and abroad. Additionally, you can take up teaching Optometry as a career with schools of Optometry.

Common job profiles of students after completing MOOT include:

Optometry and Ophthalmic Heads,  Technicians, Ophthalmic Head Nurses and Academic positions.



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