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General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) is a diploma program offered by UP State Medical Faculty Lucknow, UP. This program prepare the nursing student to perform their work in various fields; as staff nurse in hospitals, clinics, Community health centre and Primary health centre in the community. They are also prepared to work as school health nurse and industrial nurse. They can become a graduate nurse after completing the post basic B.ScNursing , there after M.Sc Nursing and Ph D nursing degrees can be obtained. Nurse can become a specialist by undergoing the certificate course to work in specialized areas like; pediatric nursing, neonatal nursing, emergency nursing, critical care nursing, cardiac nursing and many more in various super specialty hospital. Nursing is designed to develop an attitude in the students, provide necessary knowledge and skills to recognise and intelligently interpret the physical, mental and emotional manifestation of illness and prepare them to plan individual nursing care based on their unique needs.


There is demand for nurses all over the world, in India it is estimated that there is need of 12 lacks nurses by 2020 and in the United State of America there is acute shortage of nurses and it is same in developed world. The employment opportunities in this profession are available in Government and private hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, crèches, schools, office, factories, orphanages, old age home and also nurse teacher's in nursing institutions.